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Customized Women's Brain Health Preventative Medicine Programs

Dealing with dementia

Reasons You May Be Here:

  • You have difficulty retaining information that you’ve read or heard
  • You can’t remember words when speaking sometimes
  • It’s challenging to maintain your focus on tasks
  • A family member has had Alzheimer’s—you’re afraid you’ll have it too
  • You’ve noticed changes in your memory or thinking during pregnancy or after childbirth
  • You’ve noticed changes in your memory or thinking during peri-menopause or during/after the onset of menopause
  • You’re confused by contradictory information you’ve been told or read—you want accurate facts
  • You’re seeking a complementary medicine approach to the mainstream medical model
  • You aren’t experiencing any memory difficulties but want to learn about how to maintain your brain health

Why Work With Us?

An Evidence-Based, Customized, Mind-Body Approach to Women’s Cognitive Wellness

Our work focus on women’s brain and cognitive health is based on the latest neuropsychological research into the causes of cognitive problems, and potential ways to prevent and decrease symptoms.

Our preventative approach incorporates mind-body-brain medicine and goes beyond the mainstream medical model, which doesn’t address the unique aspects of women’s brain health.

We have a variety of helpful tools that we’ve developed over our combined 5 decades of clinical practice to help women maximize and preserve optimal brain and cognitive health.


With over 50 years of combined experience, Dr. Hayden and Anne have helped over 5000 individuals with issues related to their cognition and brain health. Few health professionals specialize in women’s brain health or work from our unique perspective, combining traditional and complimentary health approaches.

We provide an evidence-based preventative medicine approach to cognitive health, specializing in women’s brain and overall health.

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We Focus on Helping to Enhance All Areas of Your Brain Health & Wellness

Our brain and overall personalized health plan can help:

  • Dispel the myths about brain health treatments and avoid predatory businesses that make claims about “cures”
  • Understand and prevent your own risk of cognitive decline or further deterioration of symptoms
  • Enhance your current brain and cognitive health
  • Provide relief, so you feel calmer and more in control knowing that you’re taking steps towards improving your cognitive and brain health
  • Provide guidance on preventative measures to optimize brain and cognitive health in the future

Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge to optimize your health for now and well into your future.

Connect with us to find out more.


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