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Customized Brain Health Programs Designed with Women in Mind

  • Increase your knowledge of the role of hormones unique to women’s brain health risks, cognitive function and mental health.
  • Understand and manage changes in your cognition (i.e., such as memory, attention and word-finding) during pregnancy and/or after childbirth.
  • Manage changes in your cognition during transition to menopause and beyond.
  • Learn about preventative medicine approaches to complement the mainstream medical model approach to your brain health and cognition.

Brain-Mind-Body Medicine

An Evidence-Based Approach to Understanding Brain-Mind-Body Connections

Our work in brain and cognitive health is based upon the latest neuroscience research into brain health, cognitive problems, and ways to prevent cognitive and behavioral symptoms.

Our preventive medicine programs focus on brain-mind-body connections to compliment western medical models of care. We have a variety of helpful tools developed over our combined five decades of clinical practice to help maximize and preserve optimal brain and cognitive health.

With over 50 years of combined experience, Dr. Hayden and Anne Lyle have helped over 5000 individuals with issues related to their cognition and brain health. Few health professionals specialize in our unique perspective, combining traditional and complimentary health approaches.


Dealing with dementia
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Preventative Medicine for Brain Health

Our cognitive and brain health programs can help:

  • Understand management and prevention of brain health risks. 
  • Optimize your current brain health and cognitive function. 
  • Improve stress management to support your cognitive and brain health.
  • Learn how to incorporate preventative brain health factors into your lifestyle.
Our programs in neuroscience of mind-body practices will:
  • Increase understanding of the neuroscience behind mind-body practices for practitioners, including:
  • yoga teachers & students of yoga
  • massage therapists
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