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Our Mission at Synaptic Travels & Wellness

Our mission is to provide evidence-based knowledge and skills to help women manage their brain health and general health outcomes.

Traditional medicine has neglected women’s brain health despite an increasing body of evidence that shows female hormones influence women’s brain health and impact their overall health.

Our unique expertise aims to fill the gap in services available to help women’s cognitive functioning focused on a mind-body approach.

Passionate About Serving Others

We’re passionate about our work and grateful that we have the expertise to help women improve their health. After a combined 50+ years of specializing in neuropsychology, we still find our work exceedingly rewarding.

Extensive Expertise in Women' Brain and General Health

Few professionals have the degree of unique qualifications needed to address women’s brain health in the context of neuroscience, lifestyle, and preventative complementary interventions.

Compassionate Customized Services

We’re empathic and sensitive to each client’s individual needs and develop customized plans to manage their brain health.

We establish strong connections with our clients—this is critical as many are in distress when they come to us.

We both have a good sense of humour and are adaptable, resilient, and optimistic—qualities we bring to our work.

We commit to follow up with our clients to ensure each individual has support for initiating and maintaining their brain health plan.

Training and Experience

Dr. Sherri Hayden, Neuropsychologist and Preventative Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Hayden is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Clinical Assistant Professor with the Division of Neurology, Department of Medicine, at the University of British Columbia.

Since 1993, Dr. Hayden has worked at UBC Hospital (Clinic for Alzheimer’s Disease & Related Disorders) and is the Founder/Director of the NeuroHealth Clinic (neurohealthclinic.ca).

In these contexts, Dr. Hayden provides assessment and care for patients with neuro-cognitive issues related to neurodegenerative disorders, traumatic brain injury, chemotherapy, cerebrovascular factors, and psychiatric issues.

Dr. Hayden applies science-based preventative and lifestyle medicine principles in her clinical practice, including neuropsychological assessements, workshops and retreats focused on brain health issues.

Dr. Hayden is passionate about maintaining her own brain and body health through a 40 year yoga practice. She is also an avid snowboarder, stand-up paddler, surfer, hiker, kayaker, and traveller.

Dr. Hayden’s professional background includes:

  • PH.D. in neuropsychology
  • Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) certificate
  • Yoga Teacher Training (with registration with the Canadian Yoga Alliance CYA-RYT250)
  • Membership in the American College of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Culinary Medicine Health Coaching Certification, Harvard Medical School
  • 30+ years of clinical neuropsychology experience

Anne Lyle, Neuropsychological Technician, Yoga Teacher and Health Coach

Anne has worked as a neuropsychology technician in Alberta and British Columbia for 23+ years.

In addition, she has extensive training in crisis intervention and stress management. She has facilitated stress reduction and mindfulness groups in various hospital and community settings. 

Anne is passionate about helping people maximize their potential and loves community, learning, travel, and all things yoga, which she has practiced for over 20 years.

 Anne’s professional background includes:

  • B.A. in Psychology
  • Yoga Teacher Training (with registration with the Canadian Yoga Alliance CYA-RYT250)
  • Integrative Health Coaching certificate through the Nickerson Institute (in progress)
  • Extensive experience in goal setting and examining barriers to achieving goals
  • Mindfulness and stress management facilitator

If you’re concerned about your current or future cognitive functioning and want to find out more about us and how we can help, connect with us.

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