Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why would I need these consultations or programs for my brain health?

As women, we face unique challenges and risks to our brain and overall health related to our biology/hormones. The traditional medical system often does not focus on factors that reduce or prevent such risks for disease, particularly for women. Our consultations and immersive programs are based upon personalized medicine (customized care specific to your unique biology and history) and preventative medicine (focused upon what you can do to prevent disease before it happens) models.

2) What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is a patient centered approach that takes into consideration the patient’s physical, psychological and social health as well as the interplay between these states. It goes beyond treating disease to enabling a client to reach their optimum overall health. Integrative medicine is an evidence-based practice that incorporates aspects of the biomedical model with those of alternative medicine.

3) What does evidence-based practice mean and why does it matter?

An evidence-based approach is one that is based on the best scientific evidence available at that time. Practitioners look to the latest research to guide their work and avoid treatments that are based on hearsay with no science to support them. Clients seeking help with their health are vulnerable and unfortunately there are a number of unproven methods that take advantage of their desire for better health. Evidence-based practices are one of the tools used to minimize this risk.

4) What is a Health Coach and why do I need one?

A Health Coach collaborates with clients to overcome obstacles, improve motivation and apply skills to help them reach their goals. The wellness coach provides guidance and feedback and offers suggestions or recommendations that help the client to identify their strengths and ways to use those strengths when achieving goals.

5) What are some of the benefits to completing online programs?

The commute is amazing! Because the service is being offered in your own home, you won’t be hampered by distance, bad weather or transportation issues. Also, there is a degree of comfort being in your own environment that can help you approach your sessions in a relaxed state of mind.

6) I’m not very flexible, so how will I do yoga?

We approach yoga in a gentle, restorative manner. Our goal is to provide you tools to help you quiet your mind and add a bit of peace to your day. Headstands are not required and you don’t need to be able to touch your toes!

7) I’ve tried meditation before and it’s not for me, so how is mindfulness different?

Most people think of meditation as a formal seated practice where you turn your focus inward in order to find a degree of stillness and inner peace. Mindfulness is the act of paying attention and noticing while being present in whatever you’re doing. Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere and at any time and is valuable tool when learning to focus your attention and energy on the task at hand. Both practices are integral to mind-body wellness; however, because we emphasize a client centered individualized approach we will tailor the tools we suggest to fit your unique personality and needs.  

8) Are you like personal trainers?

No, if you’re only looking for a personal trainer this program is not for you. We are both active people who enjoy a variety of sports; however, neither one of us is qualified to get you to the next Olympics. What we can do though, is provide you the tools to define and achieve your goals.

9) How is your program different from all the other brain-health programs out there?

Between us we have over 50 years of experience working with persons suffering from a vast array of brain health issues. In addition to this, we are long-term practitioners of yoga and other mind-body wellness disciplines. We have studied extensively and are accredited by several certifying bodies. The combination of our education and experience allows us to provide a healthcare plan that is not only tailored to meet your needs but is entirely based in proven scientific methods.

10) Do you provide programs to men as well?

Although the focus of Synaptic Travels and Wellness is primarily geared to women’s brain health, we are happy to provide consultations/programs to men upon request.

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