Brain Health Programs

Join us for a variety of exciting opportunities to expand your understanding of brain-mind-body connections with Dr. Sherri Hayden and Anne Lyle in one of our Brain Wellness Programs. 

Here are some topics to be covered in your brain-mind-body journey towards wellness and empowerment:

  • Understand how brain and hormonal systems uniquely impact your life experiences and function (such as memory/cognition, behavior, and mood). This information will be presented in an accessible way to empower your future, long after the retreat.
  • Learn about how stress and fear may be experienced  specific to brain and hormonal systems. Know how to use this understanding to move forward with your own hopes, dreams, and passions.
  • Learn the role of sleep and social interactions in brain-mind-body wellness and how to make positive changes in these areas to enhance well-being.
  • Learn why and how food as well as exercise can profoundly impact wellness.
These programs are uniquely designed to empower you in developing your personalized optimal brain health wellness plan with the support of Dr. Hayden and Anne Lyle.

Our Brain Health Program options:

  • WOMEN’S BRAIN HEALTH & WELLNESS RETREATS—Our brain health program retreats offer an intensive series of sessions focused on the accessible review of neuroscience relevant to women’s brain health and wellness.  The intent of these group sessions is to enhance participants’ understanding of how neurobiology and endocrine (hormonal) systems impact women’s cognition, behavior and mood throughout the lifespan.  Individualized sessions with Dr. Hayden are offered before/after (for example, one pre-retreat + one post-retreat telephone session) and during the retreat (for example, one private in person session).  Meditation, mindfulness and yoga practices with Anne Lyle are incorporated throughout the retreat.  We offer retreats in both virtual and in-person formats!
  • WORKSHOPS FOR WOMENS BRAIN HEALTH & WELLNESS—Our brain health program workshops offer Workshops in brain health and includes an accessible introduction to the benefits of mind-body practices to brain health. Workshops integrate mindfulness and yoga concepts to enhance your learning experience. Workshops are tailored to topics such as:
    • Brain Health & Wellness for Yogis
    • Women’s Brain Wellness & Empowerment
    • Healthy Brain Aging & Wellness
    • Corporate Brain Health & Wellness
    • Brain Wellness for Stress Management

    We offer workshops in both virtual and in-person formats!

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