Integrative Brain Health Consultations

We offer virtual consultations to explore and develop your individualized wellness plan.  Dr. Hayden will  provide a one-to-one integrative brain health consultation.  A comprehensive brain health risk assessment will be conducted to formulate an evidenced-based personalized brain health management and prevention program.  Anne Lyle will provide guidance for restorative yoga and meditation practice to incorporate into your wellness plan.  

Consultations may also be tailored to groups wishing to explore specialized brain health issues. 

How We Work

An Evidence-Based, Customized, Mind-Body Approach to Women's Cognitive Wellness

We offer a unique cognitive and overall health program based on over 5 decades of combined training and experience in the field of brain health.

Our work focuses on women’s brain health and is based on the latest neuropsychological research into the causes of cognitive problems, and potential ways to prevent and decrease symptoms.

Our mind-body approach goes beyond the mainstream medical model, which doesn’t address the unique aspects of women’s brain health.

We have a variety of helpful tools that we’ve developed or gathered over the years to help women with their brain health.

What to Expect When Working With Us

Working with us provides a sense of control and empowers you to change your life to enhance your cognitive health.

To succeed in our program, you’ll need to be open and willing to implement the lifestyle changes that we recommend.

Step 1. After being accepted into our program, you’ll complete a personalized assessment to assess your risk factors. The assessment examines your medical and genetic history, current health, lifestyle, and psychological issues.

Step 2. Dr. Sherri Hayden, our neuropsychologist will set up a Zoom/video-conference with you to go over your assessment results.

During this meeting, Dr. Hayden will provide education and answer questions you have about your brain health.

Step 3. Depending on your unique situation, Dr. Hayden may ask you to complete additional assessment tools.

Step 4. Dr. Hayden will provide information on risks for future neurodegenerative cognitive issues, and will also prescribe a customized preventative brain health program.

Your customized plan will include research-based lifestyle changes in the   context of precision medicine. Your prescribed program may include recommendations for stress and mental health management, dietary changes, exercise/mind-body practices and sleep recommendations. We refer you to other experts if necessary.

Step 5. Anne Lyle, our neuropsychological technician and health coach will provide support and psychoeducation to help you implement and maintain the recommendations made by Dr. Hayden

If you're ready to get started, connect with us to book your consultation.

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